Wednesday, July 9, 2008

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One greatly overlooked Bluetooth advertising arena is auto dealerships. In fact, most folks interested in Bluetooth marketing confine their thoughts to retail locations such as malls and restaurants.

Indeed major shopping centers (centres for our UK readers) and other outlets offer great opportunities to deliver relevant content to targeted customers. See examples here and here. Still, car dealerships represent a largely untapped Bluetooth advertising gold mine.

Though you'll see few case studies online, likely because they don't want to key in their competition, several European and U.S. car dealerships are using Bluetooth to send sales-generating media to prospective buyers. Check out this Flickr photo featuring Audi's Bluetooth proximity marketing in Stockholm.

Imagine visitors being able to freely receive short video intros to your latest, hottest models. If customers accept the content, they'd almost certainly be in a better mood to buy right then and there. Not only that, your video will likely stay on their phone for nearly a year, allowing them to show it to their spouses for approval and spread the word about your cars and your dealership to all the friends and family they forward the video to. When is the last time your glossy, costly print brochures did that?

A quick caveat.

Your Bluetooth success will hinge on reaching targeted consumers, not spamming anyone who drives by your dealership. Permission-based Bluetooth advertising to interested customers boasts typical 30-50% acceptance rates. In fact, the cooler the content, the better your chances. However, blindly transmitting content to unsuspecting passers-by is a sure way to anger potential customers and generate bad press. Targeting dealership visitors is the best way to see maximize your Bluetooth ROI.

If you're ready to get started with low-cost, high-yield Bluetooth auto dealership advertising, contact Lucky Rock Consulting.

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