Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bluetooth Advertising for the Luxury Marketplace - Bluetooth Advertising and Proximity Marketing Blog

Upon first introducing them to Bluetooth marketing--real estate brokers, car dealers, and others--a handful of luxury service providers react with disdain because they don't think that their target audience would respond to such "cheap sales tactics." The luxury market is built on relationships, don't I know? And those relationships aren't built by invading clients' cell phones.

My answer is that Bluetooth isn't the issue. The major stumbling block is the marketing message itself.

If you send content designed for Wal-Mart regulars to folks shopping at an import car dealership, then yes, it will most likely annoy them. But it's not primarily because the message is sent by Bluetooth; customers get most perturbed by advertising that is irrelevant and therefore just plain stupid.

On the flip side, right now Bluetooth marketing has a great "cool" factor. And Bluetooth done right can be incredibly effective with all demographics. Case in point, the brilliant Bluetooth campaign by Mercedes Benz at a recent car show in Remini, Italy.

At that show, Mercedes set up an incredible exhibit featuring a souped-up Mercedes Benz sports car. Through slick-looking signage, visitors we're encouraged to turn on their Bluetooth phones to receive exclusive car previews and to download electronic gadgets. Notice that recipients not only accepted the content. They actually stayed around long enough to download larger files to their cell phones, rather than simply move onto the next display.

Think about the implications of Mercedes Benz's Bluetooth marketing for your high-end business.

Luxury consumers are not averse to Bluetooth advertising. They simply disdain irrelevant and annoying marketing. So don't send them schlock. Do what you already do and market to affluent clients according to their interests.

Via Bluetooth, spa owners could broadcast facial openings, tennis court reservations, restaurant menus with ordering options, and more. Auto dealers could send brochures on specific vehicles through Bluetooth, which customers could then email to their spouses--at the very moment they're excited about the vehicle you're pitching them!

Don't shove Bluetooth marketing in the "cheap tricks" bin. The future success of your business and its logical embrace of new sales channels is at stake.

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