Tuesday, June 17, 2008

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Today we bring you news of another great Bluetooth advertising campaign, this time at Harry's restaurant and bar chain in Singapore. As the article relates, Harry's plans to offer third-party ads and exclusive content to customers via Bluetooth and through a special log-in page folks will see when they access Harry's WiFi network.

If you're a restaurant chain owner, think about delivering cool content right to patrons' cell phones. Not that coupons won't work great, but go beyond all that to deliver sweet content and build brand buzz, especially if you're a Dave & Buster's or Game Stop type of establishment.

Consider the Lexus campaign that ran during this past weekend's U.S. Open golf tournament.

The Lexus ads spoke of lending courtesy vehicles to four champion golfers and the high-speed hijinks that ensued. At the end of the spot, viewers are encouraged to visit a special website to see a mini film--part of which ran in the commercial. You've seen this type of ad before, but now you can add in your own low-cost Bluetooth twist.

You could encourage customers to submit their own short films, which would air for a month, in-store over your Bluetooth network. Customers would keep coming back to check out contest entries and vote for winners. And the winners could be announced exclusively over your Bluetooth, again forcing patrons back to your restaurant.

In fact, create a big bash around the final announcement and invite a local radio station out to the prize party. Sell them Bluetooth ad space to accompany the winners' names. The business and the buzz would pour in, all for the cost of just one, little seen local TV spot.

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