Friday, June 20, 2008

Bluetooth Advertising at Trade Shows - Bluetooth Advertising and Proximity Marketing Blog

Bluetooth marketing works great at large conferences and trade shows. Bluetooth advertising can set vendors apart from other exhibitors by allowing them to send short intro videos, invites to come by a booth and more. Show hosts can also use Bluetooth marketing to deliver content, including sponsor ads, meeting schedules and lots more.

Check out this great (if not a bit lengthy) article on Bluetooth marketing. Especially notice the following:

"Microsoft used (Bluetooth) at its recent Tech:Ed conference in Orlando to deliver daily podcasts on key Microsoft technologies and recaps of conference highlights, mobile wallpapers and discount vouchers to over 2,000 delegates. There were eight bluecast points around the floor inviting visitors to enable their Bluetooth to receive the content. There were very high-levels of opt in with some content achieving a 37% opt in rate. 3,200 devices were discovered and over 2,100 content items were delivered. New media agency Interdirect also used Bluetooth at Internet World, inviting visitors to their stand with the lure of a branded prize draw message to win a day at Champneys. “It gave us the chance to cast our net on an automatic basis,” says MD, Nicholas Mann."

The article also mentions Adidas' use of Bluetooth at an internal marketing conference, whereby they delivered keynote speaker info and schedules to attendees.

If you're a vendor ready to shine at the next trade show or if you're an event host looking to generate significant new sponsorship dollars, contact Lucky Rock Consulting. We can set up a low-cost, highly effective Bluetooth campaign complete with all the hardware you'll need, in just 1-2 weeks.

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