Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monetize Your Location through a Bluetooth Ad Network - Bluetooth Advertising and Proximity Marketing Blog

As I spoke this week with real estate professionals from across the U.S. about Bluetooth marketing for realty, I began thinking about the number of realty offices located in downtowns and other high-traffic areas. They would be ideal candidates for establishing a Bluetooth advertising network on which they could sell virtual space to nearby businesses.

In fact, I'm planning to work with one entrepreneurial real estate pro to establish just such a Bluetooth ad network in a famous Mexican resort town.

No matter your profession, if your office is located in a prime part of town, imagine turning it into a Bluetooth hot zone and selling ad space to local restaurants and clubs. If you're ministry-minded, you could turn the ad space over to your church or other non-profits.

Of course, as you consider establishing a Bluetooth ad network you must remember that the cooler the content, the better the acceptance rates. Simple fliers will not yield nearly the results as exclusive coupons, movie clips, etc. Also keep in mind that businesses in close proximity to your network will see the best results because recipients are already in the area and perhaps/likely interested.

You could divide the ad space by day part and length of broadcast. Imagine a restaurant being able to broadcast it's latest offerings to all downtown passers-by during the dinner hour. Imagine a church sending out invitations and maps on the night before its next service. You can make that happen with your own Bluetooth ad network.

If you're ready to better monetize your prime location, contact Lucky Rock Consulting today.

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