Thursday, August 21, 2008

Amstel Russian Bluetooth Campaign a Hit - Bluetooth Advertising and Proximity Marketing Blog

On the heels of our report earlier this week about Coca Cola's somewhat misguided Bluetoothing efforts at the Beijing Olympics, check out this post on Amstel's successful Bluetooth marketing in Russia this past May-July. Especially notice the 400,000+ acceptances of content and the 23-39% conversion rates.

Though the Amstel campaign was a hit, as we mentioned in our Coca Cola article, Amstel likely could’ve achieved even greater results if it had better targeted the venue & consumer base and ramped up the content quality. Honestly, I'm amazed that any mobile users download the lame commercials that they simply Tivo around when they're at home. In fact, I'd venture that such inane Bluetoothing will eventually bring a big backlash against the companies that foist such annoying media on unsuspecting consumers.

Rather than settle for mass market, barely considered campaigns that yield perhaps 10-30% less prospects than targeted, why not offer high quality Bluetooth advertising with true viral marketing potential? Which will spread further, a boring 30-second commercial or a valuable coupon/contest entry? The only exception to this rule is to make the ad extremely funny or memorable a la Bud Light.

As you consider Bluetooth advertising, be sure to put as much thought into it as you would an expensive TV or radio spot. After all, your brand is on the line.

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