Friday, August 29, 2008

Smithsonian Gets in the Bluetooth Advertising Game - Bluetooth Advertising and Proximity Marketing Blog

Today I unearthed this quick article on the Smithsonian's Freer and Sackler Gallery's Bluetooth marketing to art lovers. As I read the post from, I realized that I've failed to write about the great opportunities for museums to educate guests and build long-term connections through Bluetooth advertising.

Imagine walking through an exhibit and receiving info not only on that exhibit, but the opportunity to receive text or email alerts on future exhibits. The beauty of Bluetooth marketing is that if it's done right, it can help you connect with your target audience at the exact time of their interaction with your brand, with zero cost to send and receive.

Here in the States, Coca Cola has utilized Bluetooth advertising at their World of Coca Cola museum in Atlanta, proving that you can execute a fun, brand-building Bluetooth campaign regardless of whether you're a for-profit or non-profit venue. Just be sure that the content is uber cool, tailored to your target demo and includes an element for future follow-up.

As a former event planner and national project director, I know just how critical it is to ensure that first contact is truly just the beginning of a mutually-beneficial relationship with folks interested in your brand, organization, etc. Smart Bluetooth advertising can be a tremendous core element of such long-term friendship-building.

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