Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bluetooth Advertising Ideas - Bluetooth Advertising and Proximity Marketing Blog

Today I bring you a few Bluetooth broadcasting possibilities...

1) Radio stations. We've all heard remote broadcasts at car dealerships. Imagine a radio station booking additional revenue by offering to broadcast on-site Bluetooth alerts about the hottest vehicles. Suddenly the dealership is generating leads that they otherwise may not get, because most folks don't want to talk to a salesperson and just want the info on the car(s) they're interested in.

2) Grocery stores, coffee shops, bookstores (basically any retail outlet). Why aren't you using Bluetooth to broadcast coupons, new merchandise, this week's specials, and so much more? Get a long-range dongle, buy some software, and amaze your customers with your cool factor and with the deals you're advertising.

3) Got an oil change yesterday. Now wondering why they're not setting themselves apart from the other oil change joint right across the street, by using Bluetooth to broadcast their car repair specials.

4) Concerts. Use Bluetooth to sell band merchandise right over the phone, to be mailed or picked up at the table in the back. Bluetooth broadcast fan club subscriptions, album info, upcoming events, etc.

5) Movie theaters. Bluetooth snack bar specials and opt-ins for your frequent movie watcher club.

The list goes on. The possibilities are endless. Make some cash and give it to ministry.

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