Monday, August 25, 2008

Mall Advertising Going Interactive - Bluetooth Advertising and Proximity Marketing Blog

Check out this great article on the recent leaps in mall advertising. Especially notice the following...

"Mobile devices, such as Bluetooth, also present opportunities. Bluetooth 'lends itself to a mall environment, it’s easy to deploy and it’s not that expensive,' says Alan High, general manager for Clear Channel Malls. 'Our advertising is being used for applications in the mall environment that didn’t exist a year or two ago.'"

Indeed, Bluetooth and WiFi mobile marketing are revolutionizing the mall space, not with annoying cell phone alerts, but with hyper-targeted offers. Imagine walking into a mall and receiving a map, sale alerts, coupons and more. Of course, if you work with the right software, all of these messages will require users to opt-in and could include a text-to-receive element to help you gather the contact info from interested consumers for future campaigns.

And as the above column reports, retailers--especially mall operators--must be careful to limit the quantity and ensure the quality of mobile campaigns. Specifically, a little test marketing will reveal how many advertisers per day/week are just right. With the right equipment setup you can also offer store messages only within close proximity to the subject store. Hence, Gap sales alerts will be offered within sight of the store, rather than down in the dungeon of the mall near Radio Shack.

You could use also Bluetooth to run ticket giveaways for the movies advertised via mall spectaculars and you could offer a bonus track download for the latest Jonas Brothers or Coldplay CD. These kinds of promotions have worked tremendously at U.K. malls and elsewhere.

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